Change History

Version 2.0.3 -- Release : January 24, 2003
  • various UI adjustments to accommodate text size differences with foreign language translations
  • various bug fixes
Version 2.0.2 -- Release : December 24, 2002
  • Auto-Play switch - when on, automatically plays
    audio disc in drive
  • Icon in system tray - when on, CDmax puts icon
    in system tray, when off, task bar button is
  • cmxStatus.txt file added - contains the currently
    playing disc information; can be updated automatically
    or by using a hot key or command-line parameter
  • variety of minor bug fixes including an irritating
    access violation in the disc editor
  • File folder locations have been consolidated in one
    dialog called "Locations..." under the File menu
Version 2.0.1 -- Release : November 14, 2002
  • Language translation file - CDmax can now be
    translated into languages other than its native
  • better multiple drive system support - CD drives
    can be enabled/disabled individually; mixer devices
    are associated with specific drives
  • various user interface elements have changed
  • Global Hotkeys are available for Volume, Balance, and Mute
  • improved Internet communication
Version 1.9.1 -- Release : April 5, 2002
  • added Help file
  • added Active Window caption update - update the active window's caption with Artist/Title/Track/Time information.
  • added skip forward/skip backward buttons; positions within the current track
  • added Track Preview mode - listen to a small section of each track in the playlist
  • added Close to System Tray - minimize main window to system tray rather than closing application
  • Dial-up networking support has a new option to allow for pre-existing connections
  • Request queue dialog modified to handle send of queued requests
  • Database file - CDmax.dat is another new addition Configuration data and the request queue have been moved to this new structure.
  • single log file - all event logging now goes to one file called cmxLog.txt
Version 1.8.6 -- Release : February 16, 2002
  • System Tray Hints - the hints shown when the mouse hovers over the SysTray icon have been changed to be capable of showing more information and also to be active. So now all of the possible values (Artist, Title, Track, and Time) can be shown at the same time, plus the time will actively update, if you keep the mouse over the icon.
  • Alarm function added - This allows you to set CDmax to start playing at a preset time, so it could be used as an alarm clock if desired.  Additionally, a "sleep" mode can be set to cause CDmax to stop playing at a preset time.  And also, during a sleep cycle you can request various Windows shutdown options. So you can have CDmax shutdown your computer when it stops playing.
  • Restart option added - if CDmax is running when Windows is shutdown, you can optionally have CDmax restart when Windows comes back up.
  • support for multimedia keyboards added - CDmax now works with keyboards (like MS Internet Pro) containing special keys for Play/Pause, Stop, Prev Track, Next Track
  • support for system-wide Hot Keys added - CDmax now lets you assign a key sequence to certain actions.  So you can control the player from the keyboard while working inside other programs.
  • Moved "Set Default Player" to a separate dialog
Version 1.8.5 -- Release : December 12, 2001
  • added Release Year and Genre to CSV and Text exports
  • fixed bug in "Never" version checking option
  • shortened path name for name of file in Contents Editor window caption as needed
  • Display warning message when submission is not allowed due to data entry problem
  • Display message on successful submission
Version 1.8.4 -- Release : October 3, 2001
  • Support for Windows Large Fonts and "High Contrast" theme added
  • New time display editing dialog added
  • "Never" option added to allow version checking to be turned off
  • Track times added to Contents Editor track grid
  • Name of the file which contains the disc being edited was added to the window caption of the Contents Editor
  • "Delete Duplicate" button added to multiple match selection dialog. Allows you to eliminate duplicates in your local library
  • changed to use "default" icon from shell32.dll in Explorer when set to default player.  A number of people have told me they don't like the CDmax icon being used in Explorer, so we'll try this for a while
  • various other minor bug fixes
Version 1.8.3 -- Release : September 1, 2001
  • bug fix in genre handling in the Contents editor
  • bug fix for track titles received with \n characters
Version 1.8.2 -- Release : August 31, 2001
  • freedb protocol 5; allows for the following new fields: user-defined genre (category), and year of release of the disc
  • added a routine that allows for conversion of the local library between the multiple disc per file and the single disc per file format
Version 1.8.1 -- Release : August 22, 2001
  • change from CDDB to freedb
  • change from freeware to shareware
  • various bug fixes and minor modifications
  • modified to not allow changes to category; this is to help freedb with reduction of duplicate creation on the database; next release will re-implement this feature using proto=5