• stores Artist, Title, Track, and notes on each of your CDs
  • provides full support
  • for freedb 
    • Retrievals/Submissions (single or batch)
    • Queue request for later when you are on-line
    • HTTP protocol
    • proxy servers (with authentication)
  • RAS support (Dial-up networking)
  • user-defined genre/categories
  • new release notification
  • minimizes to system tray, with easy access to all player functions including track list through a right-click pop-up menu
  • allows repeat a track, repeat play list
  • Shuffle mode
  • Intra-Track Repeat
  • Cue function; pauses current track at end
  • Active Window Caption; update status information to the active window caption
  • Track preview mode
  • Alarm/Sleep/Power off functions
  • Active System tray hints
  • Global Hot Keys
  • Support for multi-media keyboards
  • click System Tray icon to pause/play; configurable functions and number of clicks of System Tray icon
  • Auto Start/Stop on CD insert/removal
  • supports single/multiple CD entries per file (CDDB local format)
  • indicates track progress with scroll bar and allows for fine position adjustments
  • volume control built in (tracks mixer applet changes as well)
  • import/export of several file formats including CDplayer.INI file
  • tailors your track selection when you create a play list
    • same track can be added multiple times
    • shuffles playlist for random order
  • supports multiple drives
  • accommodates mixed mode CDs (CDextra, enhancedCD)
Command line switches


start play


stop play


pause play


skip to next track


skip to previous track


eject/load a disc


create file with current disc's info


create file with current track info


update cmxStatus.txt file with current disc information

To control which track is played, put d:\Trackxx.cda after -play. Where d is the drive letter and xx is the track number, with 01 being the first track, 02 being the second, etc. If you double click a track from Explorer this is what is passed to the program. Example : -play E:\Track01.cda

For -info and -current, include the file name after the parm switch. Also, file name should end in .txt