Cars is a vehicle maintenance program.  With Cars, you are able to keep track of your automotive repairs and maintenance.  Reports are available in each section of the application.  Cars is free for your use.


Thanks to Oprea Nicolae for doing some image optimization on the images in the help files.


Thanks to Andrej Tomažič for providing a Slovenian translation.


Thanks to Oprea Nicolae for providing a Romanian translation and Help files.


Thanks to geogeo for providing a Greek translation.


Thanks to b braun for providing a German translation.


Thanks to Jaroslav Hauzer for providing a Czech translation.


Tom Farrell brought an issue in the import/export to my attention which has now been fixed. Thanks Tom.


Marc has provided me with an updated French translation file which I have uploaded.


I fixed a bug in the tree logic reported by D & R Binkley. This was reported some time back actually and I lost track of the issue, so prompted again by D & R, I fixed it. Thanks to D & R for their persistence.


Special thanks to Miguel Sánchez for updating the Spanish language and help files


I added Total cost to the maintenance screen; it was already on the maintenance report


Many thanks to Tamás Csörgő for his work on the Hungarian language file for Cars.


After some email exchanges with Al Crow, I have modified Cars to use an .ini file for storing the location of the external files used by the program (ie. the database and the log files). Doing this rather than using the registry functionally allows Cars to be easily loaded on a USB thumb drive along with all of its data and used on any machine. I had previously done something similar to pwArch but hadn't thought about it on Cars.


Max Giarda has kindly provided an Italian translation file for Cars. It can be found on the Language files page.


A bug was found in the log opening process that was causing the program to fail when the drive that the log path was specified on no longer existed. New update fixes this trouble.


I added import functions that will allow you to import vehicle data from another Cars database.


I have fixed a bug in the car editor that was introduced in the prior version by the sort logic. Sorry for missing this one in my tests and thanks to you who found and reported this.


Added a new sort function to the main screen tree to allow you to sort the cars in whatever order you decide.


I updated Cars to conform better to the Regional and Language Options settings in the Windows Control Panel for the mileage and cost fields.


Cars has been compiled and tested on Vista Ultilmate. I expect it to work on any version of Vista. Also, a couple of bug fixes. One was an ugly bug that was dropping references to Pictures in the database.


A minor bug in the print preview has been fixed that was duplicating lines when the print button was used.


A minor bug in the vehicle deletion logic was found, corrected, and a new version has been posted.


I updated Cars to Export the database in two different formats: XML and TSV (tab-separated values). This will allow those that want to build their own reports to import the data into Access or some other database.


Many thanks to Jacinto Manuel Pereira Silva for the Portuguese language file.


Thanks to Góra Zbigniew for the Polish language file.


Thanks to Miguel Sánchez for the Spanish language files.


Mehmet f#8211;Z has sent in a Turkish language file which has now been posted on the Language files page.


Danish translation and help files prepared by Dan Nielsen have been posted.


A French translation file is now available thanks to Marc!


Released a new version of Cars that allows for translations into other languages. See the Language files page for details.


Updated to enable entry of characters from the user's default character set.


Fix for word wrap of Notes field when printing.


Fix to allow dates to follow the short date format set in the Windows regional and languages settings.


Bug fix for maintenance date 2 digit year entry reported by Roy.


Found and fixed a few small issues in Cars.


Fixed a bug in the Cars insertion logic (my bad) found and reported by Don Elias.  Thanks for the report, Don.


I found a bug in the repair insertion logic in the maintenance records and fixed it.  Also, saved a few additional settings.


This is a new application that I just released.  I wrote a version of this program a long time ago when DOS ruled the PC world.  Believe it or not that program has been working very well for me and members of my family all these years.  But I decided to bring Cars into the Windows world and let others have a look at it.

Hope you find it as useful as I have.