CDmax is an Audio CD player for the Windows® operating system.  It has many features and is connected to the freedb CD library on the Internet.  From freedb you can download Artist/Title/Track information about your disc collection, which is not stored on the typical Audio CD.


Special thanks go to Agustín Bou for the Spanish translation file just added.


A Russian translation file is now available.  Thanks go to Vadim.


Another new translation file is available.  Many thanks to Eduardo Tompson Pereira for the translation to Portuguese. 


A new release of CDmax has been posted, complete with a new Italian language translation.  Thanks go to Fabrizio "Rush" Degni.


Thanks to Dream Warrior for the Hungarian translation just posted.  Check the language files section.


CDmax 2.0.2 is out.  Various bugs fixes are included and some new stuff as well.  Also, a French translation has been posted.  Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas.


A German translation of CDmax is now available.  Thanks to Oliver Ding for his hard work.  Download it from the Language files page.


CDmax version 2 is out now!  Hope you all like it.  There are some significant changes both externally and internally.  Much of the code base has been rewritten and in many ways it is far more efficient than previous releases.

The drive manager now keeps up with the Artist/Title for all discs in your drives if you have a multi-drive system and you can choose to disable certain drives if you wish.

If you are a registered user and did not receive a new registration code via email, please contact me.  I have sent new codes to all of my registered users, but there are some whose email addresses have changed.  Please send me your order number and your old email address as verification.


I have tried service pack 3 again on two of the failing machines mentioned below and it now works on one of them but not the other.  Not sure what to make of this.  


Windows 2000 service pack 3 breaks Audio CD auto-run based on my experience on three different machines that I have tried it on.  I don't know if this intended behavior on Microsoft's part or not.  But this is not something wrong in CDmax, the operating system just stops sending the Audio CD arrival notification after service pack 3 is applied.  Uninstalling back to service pack 2 restores the function.


A new version (1.8) is available now!

Two major items to note for this release.

  • CDmax is changing status from freeware to shareware
  • CDmax is changing from CDDB to freedb
Status change to shareware

CDmax has been available as freeware for more than 3 years.  It has a loyal following world wide that I'm very proud of.  Many of you have written thanking me for CDmax.  Many have suggested that I should be charging for it.  I have considered this and now seems a good time to start.

This release is not filled with nag screens or time-outs.  I don't  like that approach.  You are free to use CDmax, however, if you like it, use it frequently, and can contribute to its future development, please do so by registering your copy.  It would be appreciated.

You can register via secure server here.

Change from CDDB to freedb

I have been an ardent supporter of CDDB since 1997.  I have maintained my support publicly via email with various individuals, and on my web-site as recently as a month ago.

Over the last month however, I have been evaluating CDmax, its future, what I enjoy about working on it, and how it contributes to a community of individuals.  At the end of this process, I have come to the conclusion that moving CDmax to the CDDB2 platform is not the direction that I want to take.

freedb offers an alternative that I think is a better fit for CDmax, both now and in the future.  I believe that freedb will support CDmax and its user community very well.  And I believe that we have opportunity to contribute to freedb in a positive way.  While the database is currently smaller than CDDB, it is growing every day through user submissions.  And you can help in that process.


Any Palm enthusiasts out there?  Here is a link to a program that you might be interested in : CD List.  It reads your CDmax local library and uploads it to your Palm OS device.