Click the above link to download the pwArch program file.  It is in a .zip file which also contains a ReadMe.txt file.  This is a link to the distribution file on my web site and will always contain the latest version of the program.

The source for pwArch is Delphi code.  It has been compiled using Delphi 6 and should compile on other Delphi releases with little or no tweaking. 

You will also need the following TurboPower libraries - SysTools, ShellShock and Abbrevia.  These can be downloaded from  Just go to SourceForge and search on TurboPower.

Also, I added support for XP themes and shadow hints using Jordan Russell's units, XPTheme.pas and HintShadow.pas.  You can get them from Jordan Russell's site.  Look in the More... section.

The source is reasonably commented.  If you should have questions, feel free to contact me via email.

If you add some cool functionality to the program that you want to share with me (and others), send it to me.  I'll look it over and will consider including it in a future release.