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Clark Tisdale

721 Saulter Lane * Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 616-4095 * email: clark@clarktisdale.com

Professional Profile

Team-oriented IT career professional with strong technical skills. Expert in coding, design, analysis, and project leadership. Focused, detail oriented, tenacious, thorough. Self-starter, self-learner with ongoing interest in emerging technologies.

Technical Expertise


Delphi, C#, VB6, PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, JSP, Cobol



MS SQL Server, Firebird, Interbase, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, IMS


Access Methods

ADO, dbExpress, SQL Links, ODBC, JDBC



Web Services, TCP/IP, CICS, SNA


Operating System

Windows 7/XP/2000/NT/9x/ME, MVS


Other Software

AccuRev, SourceSafe, TortoiseSVN, InstallShield

Other Areas

Technical team leadership, Mentoring, Data modeling/architecture, Client/User liason, Customer service

Career Progression

Avid Technologies, Inc
Birmingham, AL

Automation Engineer


Developing and supporting MediaPrep application

  • MediaPrep allows station personnel to manage their video clip library, the meta data associated with the clips and performing clip related duties like show segmenting and setting in/out points.
  • Additionally, MediaPrep manages many inbound interfacing tasks like importing play list logs, dub / purge lists
  • Delphi 2010 currently; XE2 conversion soon

Also maintaining BXF Gateway, FileSel, Schedule Builder listed below.

Software Engineer


Designed and developed BXF Gateway which implements the SMPTE BXF XML protocol as a solution for broadcast data exchange between systems.

  • Principal developer/designer
  • MS Visual Studio C# project
  • Gateway interacts with traffic and other external systems and controls interactions with internal automation components.
  • Gateway consists of Windows service, configuration and monitoring applications, and object library that implements fundamental functions such as play list scheduling, As Run reporting, dub/purge, system notifications.
  • Active member of the SMPTE 32NF-10 committee participating in meetings and contributing to BXF protocol design

Designed and developed Schedule Builder to provide automation customers with an alternative to purchasing a traffic system.

  • Principal developer/designer
  • Delphi 2010 project
  • Schedule Builder applies drag and drop to creation of play lists utilizing episode templates, media inventory items, and automation Flex Events
  • Play lists are then exported directly into the automation system eliminating manual setup and saving time in operations

Maintained traffic interfacing systems

  • FileSel (Delphi and VB6) provides customized log import from a variety of traffic systems
  • Schema Suite (C#) enables import of dub/purge lists to maintain media inventory
  • Flex Event Editor (Delphi) establishes command structures for driving graphic generators and bug insertion during schedule play out
  • Daily interaction with station personnel

Harris Corporation
Birmingham, AL

Software Engineer 4


Performed a variety of maintenance tasks on H-Class Reporting system, which is primary reporting tool for the company's products. HCR is a Delphi application that provides flexible integration of Crystal Reports for any of the application systems into a consistent front-end.

Developed new web browser based version of DEI and continued support of WinDEI. Several needed updates to the architecture of DEI were made during webDEI development:

  • Designed new SQL database for Interface configurations; using Firebird (an open-source database) eliminated costs to customers and provided for a multi-tier implementation
  • Built UI in C# using .ASPX allowing easier deployment of system updates
  • Wrote new code base to stream-line many parts of development and system maintenance and to integrate the new database design.

Harris Corporation
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Senior Developer


Developed and supported WinDEI, which acts as the interface between Harris AS/400-based Broadcast Management System and various on-air automation systems.

  • Dramatically reduced size of application by locating points of common code usage and sharing these using Delphi’s package technology.
  • Redesigned WinDEI from a desktop to a network model, allowing for the sharing of interface configurations across workstations.
  • Utilized COM to improve efficiency of message logging facility.
  • Mentored other developers; supported Client response center.

John H. Harland Company, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

System Design Specialist


Participated in object-oriented design / implementation of multi-tier Web Order Entry System. Utilized HTML, JSP, Java, CORBA, TopLink, Informix, TCP/IP socket connections, Rational Rose.

Project Database Administrator


Designed distributed architecture interface from legacy DEC/VAX order entry system to Windows manufacturing system. Developed tables, indexes, stored procedures, and triggers for MS SQL Server.

Senior Developer


Developed and supported a variety of Windows client/server applications. Utilized Delphi with MS SQL Server in support of Call Centers and Plant Standardization efforts. Included client information reference, order routing, and interactions with voice-response units.

Project Leader/Manager


Primary contact for knowledge transfer of Order Entry System to maintenance team. Built DOS/Windows routines utilizing SNA to enable KIOSK application to access mainframe resources. Led 12 contract and staff developers through all phases of new Order entry system project. Included project planning, scheduling, presentations, and mentoring. Conducted R&D for CICS inter-systems and SNA connections to system.


Senior Programmer Analyst


Responsible for planning Applications conversion from DOS/VM to MVS/XA. Functioned as primary technical contact for conversion efforts.

Vanguard Technologies, Inc.
Montgomery, Alabama

Analyst III


Aided in all phases of CICS development projects for State of Alabama, Department of Human Resources.

Saunders System, Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama

Senior Programmer Analyst


Analyzed various phases of Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System. Delivered formal presentations, trained users, supervised project team through development life cycle, participated in DOS to MVS conversion.

AKRA-DATA Corporation
Birmingham, Alabama

Programmer Analyst


Developed Annuals Promotion system for Books division of Southern Living Publications.

Information Services, Inc.
Birmingham, Alabama



Performed application maintenance on inventory, payroll, and financial systems.


B.S. Computer Science

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama

A.S. Computer Science


Jefferson State Junior College
Birmingham, Alabama